At the start of Season 3, here’s the cast:

1: Buddha, founder of The Middle Way.  First seen in this strip.

2: Min’s ancestor from ancient China.  He’s summoned by Min in this strip to deal with his supernatural problem.

3: This is the dragon summoned by Min’s ancestor to help Min out.  He first appears in this strip.

4: This is Jesus of Nazareth.  He’s a famous Jewish guy from back in the day.  Has a really famous dad.  He had some great ideas about how we should all love each other.  People didn’t take it so well.  First appeared in this strip.

5: Arigato-Kun is a box monster Dan brought back from his trip to Japan.  He first appeared in this strip.

6: The Devil.  He’s got a fondness for facilitating the trade in souls and fiddle contests.  Runs the underworld.  First seen in this strip.