At the start of Season 2, these are the main characters:

1:  Dave is a 20th Dan Tae Kwon Do expert. He lost his job in Season 1 by getting into a fight and ends up working at PTZ with Eric and Dan.
2:  Eric is a married man in his late 20s. We haven’t seen his wife yet, but that’ll probably change later on in the strip. He’s an engineer at the top secret PTZ spy agency. He’s a computer geek and a bit of a Linux evangelist.
3:  Min is a PhD student at a prominent Baltimore-based university. He and Dan were roommates at Cornell, so he doesn’t think twice when Dan asks to move in with him.
4: Dan is a recent graduate of Cornell University who is in his early 20s. He gets a job at PTZ with Eric and Dave. He’s obsessed with video games. He and Dave move in with Min at the beginning of Season 2.