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  • In preclinical research studying animal models of disease, a widely used standard experimental design requires randomized assortment of animals into the treatment and control group, respectively, as well as an outcome assessment where the assessor scoring the outcome is blind as to the treatment group of the animal. Analyzing the methods sections of publications reporting in vivo experiments of animal disease models where this design should have been applied, Dress for Women Evening Cocktail Party On Sale Red Valentino Black acetate 2017 10 12 8 Valentino Evening Cocktail Party On Sale Dress for Women 2017 7ulrbU1
    found that the prevalence of reporting randomization before the treatment correlated negatively with journal rank, while reporting of blind outcome assessment was not correlated (Figure Gancini mini bag Pink amp; Purple Salvatore Ferragamo LMmqdd
    , modified from Macleod et al., 2015 ). Inasmuch as this reporting correlates with actual experimentation, such publications in higher ranking journals would hence be less reliable than those in other journals: not reporting bias precludes replication and a reported bias may still entail that the bias created the observed effect. If randomization were not rarer (or even more frequent) in high vs. low-ranking journals, authors of articles in high-ranking journals are at least failing to report this randomization more often than authors in lower ranking journals.

    FIGURE 4

    Figure 4 . High ranking journals do not have a higher tendency to report more randomization nor blinding in animal experiments. Prevalence of reporting of randomization and blinded assessment of outcome in 2671 publications describing the efficacy of interventions in animal models of eight different diseases identified in the context of systematic reviews. Figure modified from Macleod et al. (2015) .

    With the advent of data deposition mandates by some journals, it has become a regular practice to supply the required data as supplemental files, often in spreadsheet form, compatible with the Excel software (Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA, USA). However, when using Excel’s default settings, gene symbols and accession numbers may inadvertently be converted into dates or floating point numbers ( Ziemann et al., 2016 ). These errors are widespread in the literature and the journals with above average error-rate are more highly ranked than journals with below-average error rate (Figure 5 , modified from Ziemann et al., 2016 ). The authors speculate that the correlation they found is due to higher ranking journals publishing larger gene collections. This explanation, if correct, would suggest that, on average, error detection in such journals is at least not superior to that in other journals.

    FIGURE 5

    Figure 5 . Journals with above-average error-rate rank higher than journals with a lower error-rate. Shown is the prevalence of gene name errors in supplementary Excel files as the percentage of publications with supplementary gene lists in Excel files affected by gene name errors. Figure modified from Ziemann et al. (2016) .

    Another source of error in the literature are p -value reporting errors, i.e., the p -values reported in a publication deviate from the p -value calculated from the data. Comparing only those p -value reporting errors that changed the significance of the outcome across their sample of 18 journals in cognitive neuroscience and psychology, Szucs and Ioannidis (2016) found a significant correlation between the rate of such erroneous records and the IF of the journal (Figure Pimlico studded tote Black Jimmy Choo London gazI5f
    , redrawn from Rose Pendant necklace Grey V JEWELLERY Ztww8Zx4q
    ). Interestingly, the errors were highly skewed in the direction of reporting a non-significant computed p -value as significant ( Szucs and Ioannidis, 2016 ).

    About Davenport Theatrical

    Davenport Theatrical Enterprises was founded in 2004 by Tony Award-winning Broadway and Off-Broadway Producer Ken Davenport. The company’s first production was the Off-Broadway interactive show , which ran for 10 years. It was followed by the Off-Broadway shows (Outer Critics Circle Award, Best Musical) and , which has been seen in over 20 countries worldwide.

    Since then, Broadway productions have included Deaf West’s , , with Alan Cumming, (Tony Award), and , among many others. Off-Broadway productions have included and .

    Since its inception, Davenport Theatrical Enterprises has expanded to include DTE Management, a general management division for both Broadway and Off-Broadway; the group sales agency Your Broadway Genius Group Sales; and several other projects, including Be A Broadway Star , the only Broadway-themed board game; and Did He Like It? , the review aggregating website and smartphone app.

    In 2014, Davenport Theatrical Enterprises acquired the Unisex Kids Lifestyle Star Player Ox Canvas Fitness Shoes Blue Navy/Egret/Honey 426 35 UK Converse 7hdGRFRqtE
    , which is housed in a remodeled firehouse conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan’s theater district. The Davenport Theatre complex is home to a 127-seat main stage theatre, which is the only jewel box in midtown, as well The Loft, a flexible 99-seat theatre.

    Statement Clutch Rubino Pretty Goth by Tony Rubino Tony Rubino Klj9OGUn
    , Ken’s daily blog on Broadway producing, has been featured in , , and more.

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    By George Jarrett 9 October 2017

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    CBC Radio Canada’s project to create an open source solution for the integration of the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards aims to lower the barriers to entry for smaller software developers and ultimately boost interoperability.

    CBC: Ontario headquarters

    Many of the people who journeyed to IBC to affirm their plans for moving to IP will have been at the EBU’s open source event to extend their ambitions once they had caught wind of CBC Radio Canada’s plan to create an open source solution for the integration of the SMPTE ST 2110 interface.

    The many implications of this project include the seeding of a market of software solutions that support the crucial new standard. It also aims to allow application developers to focus on their core competency and match faster time to market with better interoperability.

    The key player is François Legrand, Senior Director, Core Systems and Engineering Solutions, CBC Media Technology and Infrastructure Services.

    Legrand first addressed project purpose. “Phase one of the project is financed by CBC/Radio-Canada and the work is being done by Savoir-faire Linux, a software development house which focuses on open source software development for multiple industries,” he said. “It is already well aware of the mechanics and politics around contribution and collaboration to OSS (open source software) projects. When we started this project there where many encapsulation proposals on the market, as well as many compression techniques.”

    Opting for FFmpeg

    “We strongly believe in true open standards and interoperability between multiple vendors. In production, separate multicast streams for video and audio are a must. We also believe that the pace of innovation of Ethernet technologies is such that compression is not required for most of our real-time production requirements,” said Legrand. “Our first objective was to help TR03/ST2110 became the de facto standard by providing the market with an OSS implementation. We chose Cinq PbLsM3V8
    because it’s an open source media pipeline used in a large number of consumer and professional media products.”

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    Ringgold helps publishers and intermediaries improve the quality of their data. Clean, well structured data can be used to develop better business intelligence, improve decision making, and more easily connect your publications to the supply chain.

    Our services fall into two main categories: Scholarly Works and Organizational Information. Oper 1sew2wq3M

    Ringgold is proud to be affiliated to the industry’s major bodies. contrast flared gown Black Oscar De La Renta pVGFo4wZ

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