Dan got me obsessed with Plants v Zombies. According to raptr.com, I spent 62 hours on the game.  One of the problemsw with planning the comic out so far in advance is that it looks like Dan just discovered PvZ. But, then again, only a few days have passed in the comic.  (I have heard that the same thing happens with Questionable Content and band references – I guess it’s just a hazard of webcomic time)  Let me tell you that real life Dan’s zombie obsession doesn’t stop here. He also reads a Zombie graphic novel or two. (He can fill in the name in the comments if he wants to give ‘em a shoutout). He keeps trying to get me to read them.  Does Dan know something we don’t?

    Wowie! Completely done with Season 2! It was great working with my brother over the past year on the comic. I have some really awesome ideas for Season 3 (at least they’re awesome to me!) and I can’t wait to get started on that. As I mentioned before, I definitely want to pace things out a bit more like Questionable Content. I’m definitely excited about what that can do for the plot as well as pushing out the exposition a bit.  Curse Google, however, for getting rid of wave as it was PERFECT for collaborating on a web comic.  I still haven’t found something that matches its features for collaboration in the same perfect way that Wave did.

    As I write this blog post I currently have a buffer of about 11 weeks worth of strips. So I’m very encouraged about being able to move to twice a week for Season 3 and I’m even getting the insane urge to move to thrice weekly. Slowing the pace definitely helps in that it allows for more reusable backgrounds so I don’t have to worry too much about falling behind. I guess it will depend upon how long it takes me to work on the new characters. Remember back when I said I would add a new character? No? It’s ok – it was 1.5 years ago! Well, this time I’m determined to figure out the females form, dagnabbit! As soon as I get that resolved, Dan and I will get to work on the new Season so there won’t be any interruption for you, my loyal readers.