These are The Geeks Next Door.  I love their strip and I’d had the idea for this cross-over scenario/punchline for nearly two years.  FINALLY got to it!  Woohoo!

Transcript: English

Eric and Danielle's House
Panel 1:
Eric to all: So what do you guys want to play?
Dave to Eric: What about Monopoly?
Danielle to all: Yeah, sounds like fun! It’s going to be so awesome sending all of you to the poorhouse!
Panel 2:
Eric opens Monopoly box
Eric to all: Darn, it looks like we’ve lost the dice.
Panel 3:
Danielle to Eric: Why don’t you go borrow some from the geeks next door. They’ll definitely have some dice.
Panel 4:
Eric to Buddha: O-K. Um.... Buddha, you move 20 spaces.
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