Transcript: English

Eric and Danielle's House
Panel 1:
Danielle to all: So what’s Dan up to tonight? Video games?
Min to Danielle: Nah, he wanted to go to a bar to try and pick up a date.
Panel 2:
Eric to all: I think he’ll do great. He’s a good-looking guy, smart, good job.
Danielle to Eric: Nah, I doubt it. Girls can smell the video game addict stench.
Panel 3:
Eric to Danielle: Oh yeah? Wanna put your money where your mouth is?
Danielle to Eric: OK, if he gets a girl, you get that new camera you’ve had your eye on.
Eric to Danielle: And if you win?
Panel 4:
Danielle to Eric: I get a Pier One shopping spree equivalent to the same amount of money.
Eric to Danielle: Deal!
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